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Historical Perspective

For hundreds of years, the indigenous people of Canada have been living off what our country provided them, including native medicinal flora and pioneering the way for natural medicine. Settlements began in Saskatchewan in the late 19th century when then Minister of Interior, Clifford Sifton, introduced agriculturally inclined European emigrants to the fertile prairie land in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. His goal was to settle the land around the transcontinental railway with farmland in order to utilize our abundant natural resources, fostering steady income for the then Dominion of Canada while providing employment for the 3,000,000 immigrants coming from Europe. Our Government’s only concern at the time was immigration and settling the country after the confederation in 1867, as taxation became a stalwart way to generate and accumulate revenue for the newly emerging country. Sadly, after acquiring their land, the settlers were left to fend for themselves, often facing famine and disease without aid or assistance from the Government. The settlers carried over with them old remedies for ailments that had been passed down for generations and with the heavy influence of the indigenous people of Canada, became the modern pioneers in the art of healing through the natural flora and fauna that our country has to offer. Thanks to this, they were able to utilize their surroundings to their benefits, allowing them to thrive and nurture families that would extend long into the 21st century.

Modern Day

Today, our Government is not the same entity that it was during our forefathers’ time, but their concerns remain the same. Priorities have shifted from building a strong, prosperous nation to a monetarily driven society that places money above its citizens’ needs. Our country has become more of a corporation for the upper class of our society that utilizes immigration as a big business. Canada permits only those who are willing to pay large sums of money to enter while using its citizens as nothing more than a piggy bank. Our Government today has become so deeply ingrained with corporate Canada that their interests have changed from the citizens to profit gains. That greed has changed laws and legislature, fashioned censorship, scare campaigns and restrictions; Pitting Canadian against Canadian. Billions of our dollars are spent on informational ad campaigns to dissuade our opinions, propagating misinformation and ignorance that only breeds more fear. The war against Cannabis is prime example. Our Government pushes dangerous pharmaceuticals like opioids while waging a war against Cannabis and spreading misleading information that obstruct scientific progression and medical advancements.

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