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History of Medicinal Cannabis

The use of medicinal cannabis spread from China to India and again to North Africa before reaching Europe as early as 500 AD. As Europe expanded to its North American conquest, so did Cannabis.

Cannabis was listed in the United States Pharmacopeia from 1850 to 1942 before being removed. It was prescribed for many different medicinal uses such as labor pain, asthma, nausea, and rheumatism. Regulations and restrictions on Cannabis had been in the works since 1906.

Harry J. Anslinger was appointed Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in 1930 and began the war against cannabis. He became the pillar of national prohibition due to his case resting on cannabis causing insanity and pushing people toward horrendous acts of criminality.

By 1933 the war on cannabis was in full swing as it became the target of Government control. Publications were everywhere, falsely linking its consumption to violent acts. These outlandish stories were mostly published by William Randolph Hearst, who played an important role in the criminalization and denunciation of cannabis.

Propaganda against cannabis became a commonality of the 30s until a tax was finally implemented October 1st, 1937.

Canada prohibited the cultivation of cannabis in 1938 as an attempt to lower the recreational use of cannabis. Doctors were still permitted to prescribe cannabis tinctures, but due to the paperwork that came with ever prescription, its use became discouraged.

Cannabis was made completely illegal in 1970 when the Controlled Substance Act classified it as a drug with “No Accepted Medicinal Use”.

We have since seen this not to be the case, not only does it have many medicinal purposes it also has many social benefits as well. we have seeing first hand now, with the kayos and mayhem over the legalization of cannabis in Canada, that  it has nothing to do with your health but everything to do with your wallet. The truth is beginning to emerge and soon be common knowledge.

**Wild Medicine does not promote the illicit sale or use of cannabis and/or its derivatives. Our goal is to educate you, so you can make your own Choice.**